ZENITH MARINE CONSULTANCY SERVICES AND SURVEY LIMITED today is well established Company and offers several services within the transportation and inspection sector. As the variety of services offered has increased the company now cooperates closely with several inspection and verification companies both nationally and internationally.

What kinds of Surveys may offer ZENITH?

Condition Survey

From time to time your ship’s insurance company will require an inspection by a qualified surveyor to determine if the vessel is still an acceptable risk, based on the overall condition, on-board systems and structural integrity.

Pre-Purchase Condition Survey

Never buy a vessel without a survey. Before you commit to a contract or a deposit, simply assign a qualified surveyor to visit the vessel and have a good look around. The surveyor will then advise you whether or not to take the next step. That is a great way to save time -and money- for all parties involved.

Loss & Damage Survey

In case of damage due to collision, grounding or severe weather the insurance company assigns a surveyor to assess the extent and –if required- the cause of the damage.

Pre-Loading Survey

A shipowner is under an obligation to care for the cargo he is contracted to carry and he should therefore determine, at the stage when he takes delivery of the Cargo.

Cargo Survey

At any point in the chain of custody where commodities are transported or distributed questions about quality and quantity may arise. Problems may occur at the point of transfer, at loading or discharge, or as a result of problems in the products’ manufacture, their storage, or the way they have been transported.

Draft Survey

It is an international commercial custom that traded quantities of bulk cargo such as iron ore, coal, steel scrap, grain and some specific quantities of liquid cargoes are determined by draft survey. During a draft survey, cargo quantities are calculated based on the change of ship’s drafts between different stages in the loading or discharging process by using the scales and hydrostatic property tables on board the ship.

Bunker Survey

To measure and ascertain the quantity of Bunker on board at the specific time, survey during bunkering also are necessary to make sure that the quantity mentioned on the bunker delivery receipt is actually received on board.