Is an island nation in the central Pacific Ocean. The nation comprises 33 atolls and reef islands and one raised coral island, Banaba. They have a total land area of 800 square kilometers (310 sq mi) and are dispersed over 3.5 million square kilometers, (1,351,000 square miles).

Why Kiribati?

  • Not mandatory for ship owners to incorporate a company in Kiribati
  • No restriction on the nationality of ownership
  • No restriction on the crews’ nationality and certificate of competence issued by IMO STCW White Listed nations will recognized
  • No minimum tonnage requirement
  • Vessels are not subjected to requisition by the Kiribati Government as national resources
  • Vessels registered under Kiribati are approximately 150 vessels
  • Copies of existing registry and trading certificates (if applicable)
  • Notarized bill of sale (for existing vessels) or builder’s certificate (for new buildings)
  • Company of certificate of incorporation
  • Company of certificate of good standing or Certificate of incumbency (not required for certain jurisdictions)
  • Copy of notarized owner’s & applicant’s passport (if the owner is different from the applicants)
  • Ships Registration
  • Corporations
  • Seafarers’ Certification
  • Statutory Certificates
  • Marine Surveys
  • Drawings, Plans & Calculations