Officially the Republic of Sierra Leone, is a country in West Africa. It is bordered by Guinea in the north-east, Liberia in the south-east, and the Atlantic ocean in the south-west. Sierra Leone has a tropical climate, with a diverse environment ranging from savannah to rainforests. Sierra Leone has a total area of 71,740 km2 (27,699 sq mi)[7] and an estimated population of 6 million (2011 United Nations estimate).

Why Sierra Leone?

  • Easy registration and straightforward
  • Accept vessels of any type
  • Reliable services
  • Vessels registered under Sierra Leone are approximately 361 vessels
  • Application forms
  • Previous flag’s registry certificate copy
  • ITC and SR copy
  • Owner’s company incorporation certificate copy and applicant’s passport copy
  • Valid SW certificate issued by RO or regular IACS member’s class cert copy (only in case the vessel is 25 years old)
  • Ships Registration
  • Corporations
  • Seafarers’ Certification
  • Statutory Certificates
  • Marine Surveys
  • Drawings, Plans & Calculations